Our underdesk power solutions offer convenient and discreet power and are used all over the world in cafes, airports, restaurants and hotels. This style also works well in offices where they save valuable desk space.

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OE Electrics


Less is definitely more with our minimalist PENDULUM power module. Providing a conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket, PENDULUM not only adds style but also a splash of colour to the workplace!

From $109.13
OE Electrics White Phase Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PHASE is an exciting new concept in power modules that is ideal for providing convenient but discreet power and data in offices, hotels, restaurants, airports and many other locations.

From $113.38
OE Electrics


POWERBAR provides a BS6396 compliant UK fused socket power module at a competitive price point and with the build quality and reliability expected of an OE Electrics product.

From $18.42
OE Electrics


POWERBAR 2P20 combines two fixed position UK 13A fused sockets (Socket Outlet 1 & 2) with two apertures offering a choice of AC power, USB charging and data/AV sockets from OE's new 42mm modular range (Socket Outlet 3/4). Great additional functionality with traditional POWERBAR reliability and value.

From $43.94
OE Electrics


Powerbox is the workhorse power solution in the OE product range.  Tough and versatile the compact and strong extruded aluminium body can be configured with the full range of modular power and data/AV sockets and circuit protection devices.

From $59.53
OE Electrics


The POWERUNIT is a compact unit providing flexible modular power and data distribution, ideal for desks and screens where a limited number of outlets are required.

From $42.52