TUF Twin USB Fastcharge


OE Electrics’ TUF-R® PD (25W) is our next generation patented USB fast charging module incorporating the latest Power Delivery technology and an industry first reversible USB A port.

The new TUF-R® PD (25W) USB charger enables mobile devices to charge at optimum speeds. For a low battery boost, a quick 10-minute charge is all that is needed to add around 20% for the latest phones.

The reversibility of the Type A socket makes it far less likely to be damaged while in use and has been independently tested to over 10,000 insertions.

The A and C outlets have 3-4 supply voltages available depending on the device being charged. TUF’s Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) ensures your device is charged at the optimal level in the shortest time.

What is TUF-R®?

OE Electrics’ TUF-R® is our patented USB fast charging module. TUF-R is the OE Electrics brand name for its Twin USB Fast Charger that can be fitted into the majority of our power modules. They use Intelligent Device Recognition to ensure that the mobile device will recognise it as a fast charger.

What is Power Delivery?

What is Power Delivery?

In previous years USB compatability has been an issue but with the introduction of USB-C this is all about to change. USB Power Delivery (PD for short) is a universal single charging standard which in the future will be used for most USB devices. Devices will no longer need separate adapters as USB PD will be able to charge the majority. Standard power levels have the potential to increase upto 100W leading to a faster charge especially for things like laptops. Although to get the full potential; only USB-C to Lightning or USB-C to C cables are capable of PD technology. To get up to 100W of power you will need an Electronically Marked Cable (EMCA).