Our range of tabletop charging and power solutions add a sense of style to your workplace. They are fully customisable and offer efficient charging for your devices. Perfect for meeting rooms and shared workspaces. 

Add more units now to create space for social distancing as we get back to the workplace!

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OE Electrics


PAGODA is the stylish new solution for supplying user accessible AC power and USB charging connections to the conference table.

From $855.31
OE Electrics


Less is definitely more with our minimalist PENDULUM power module. Providing a conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket, PENDULUM not only adds style but also a splash of colour to the workplace!

From $105.37
OE Electrics Green-White Planet Socket Unit
OE Electrics


Work and fun can go together with OE Electrics’ PLANET desktop power module. With its eye catching spherical design, lively colour combinations and optional LED ring, PLANET is perfect for your breakout areas, café’s and meeting rooms.

From $218.96
OE Electrics White-Grey Pluto Socket Unit
OE Electrics


The ever popular PLUTO power unit is a smart desktop solution providing 3 outlets for power and USB charging, perfect for shared workstations, meeting areas and coffee tables. No more hiding 4 way blocks, you will want your power supply on show! Available in black or white, satin or gloss. Also available as PLUTO-8 in the OE 8 colours.

From $133.43
OE Electrics Orange Pluto Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PLUTO-8 is a smart desktop unit with 3 outlets for a combination of power sockets and/or USB charging. Configured to your specification and available in a range of colours or a custom design to suit your space. Also available as black or white here

From $143.01