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OE Electrics

black ICE

If black is your colour then you will love BlackICE. With matching design and build quality to our best selling PolarICE module, BlackICE offers the same power, data and AV connectivity options in a striking satin black finish.

From $150.23
OE Electrics Pablo Socket Unit in tabletop
OE Electrics


An in-surface shuttered TUF A&C Charger (5A) available with an anodised aluminium, gloss black, or stainless steel lid.

From $191.34
OE Electrics


PAGODA is the stylish new solution for supplying user accessible AC power and USB charging connections to the conference table.

From $885.81
OE Electrics Silver-Black Panda Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PANDA is a compact and distinctive design with various options for configuration for power and USB charging and fixings; along with decorative socket frames and end caps. Also available as PANDA-8 in the OE 8 colours.

From $145.98
OE Electrics Orange-White  Panda Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PANDA-8 brings even more colour and style to the original Panda compact unit, equally offering a choice of power socket and USB charging; space saving with various fixing options and available in a choice of 8 colours - go bright with PANDA-8!

You can also specify PANDA with a natural anodised extruded aluminium front plate, with black sockets and end caps. 

From $206.93
OE Electrics


PANDORA offers an exciting new way to provide power to your meeting area. Compact, elegant and efficient, Pandora allows 360 degree access to international power and powerful 5A USB charging outlets.

From $191.34
OE Electrics Peak Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PEAK with its eye-catching “floating surface” design, is an elegant new approach for providing power and charging in meeting tables.

From $313.22
OE Electrics


The PEARL desk top power and data unit with its white body, end caps and socket fascias, perfectly complements the contemporary all white office desk.

From $75.12
OE Electrics


PELICAN is a free-standing, flexible and convenient solution to bring power and USB charging to previously unpowered areas. Its contemporary looks and advanced technology allows users to charge their devices wherever they are. PELICAN’s stylish stable construction can easily be moved and positioned to suit the requirements of the situation.

From $542.83
OE Electrics


Less is definitely more with our minimalist PENDULUM power module. Providing a conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket, PENDULUM not only adds style but also a splash of colour to the workplace!

From $109.13