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If design is something that is important to you. Look no further than THE POWER OUTLET

It's time to stop hiding technology and to start celebrating it. Our products are fully customisable and add a sense of style, and even a splash of colour to your home.

Smart living is what we do - power sockets and charging units that are modern, fully functional and look great.

Start your journey towards a smart home with THE POWER OUTLET.

See below for our recommendations based on the rooms in your house and your needs:

Always fighting over a charger? Enjoy power for all the family on your kitchen island or dining room with the PLUTO or PLUTO-8 which both mount onto a surface centrally. The OE “Phase” also provides a great solution for fitting to a surface to provide facilities close to where you want a socket for charging, etc.

Do you work from home? Creating a clean, modern space is particularly important when you do – away from distractions the rest of the house can offer. A very popular product, recently added to the site is the PLY with its innovative use of birch plywood and laminate, it takes the traditional desk top power module in an exciting new design direction. Even if you have an external home office, these exciting designs can help you design a modern and productive work space.

The ARC is fantastic if you are looking to clear out the bundles of charging cables you have at home. Although we don’t like to admit it, most homes now are taken over with technology. From parents computers and mobiles to children’s IPads and tablets – there are lots of devices all fighting for power! The arc-80 solves the problem of always needing countless cables and charging outlets. Simply rest your Apple or Samsung device on it and enjoy 10w wireless charging!