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Popular variations of products fitted with UK sockets and charging... can be quicker delivery times... can even be in stock sometimes :)

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OE Electrics


A popular version of the PLY Socket Unit with UK Power Sockets and Twin USB (A&C) 25W Fast Charging Sockets, based on the standard PLY socket unit. To purchase prior to launch of these popular UK units, please click here and format your own...

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OE Electrics


Below Surface QI Compatible 10W Wireless Charger

Power range 15-30mm
No cutting install
Fast charge for Samsung (10W), Apple (7.5W)

ach-H LD Wireless Charger
OE Electrics

arc-h LD Sub-surface Charger

The arc-h LD through surface wireless charger offers the ultimate convenience in charging. Designed with a charging range of 20-50mm*, arc-h LD can be installed without the need to cut into work surfaces.

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