Pathfinder flexible umbilical cable management system

Flexible umbilical
Available in white, clear, silver or black
Extendable sections
Wide range of fitting options

The Pathfinder system from OE Electrics has been designed from 25 years experience in supplying cable management products, to offer a complete floor to desk, floor to ceiling, or ceiling to desk, vertical cable management solution.

Key PATHFINDER features include :

• A unique PATHFINDER GROMMET for feeding under floor cables directly into the umbilical
• Extendable sections to allow fixed desk, height adjustable desk or ceiling termination
• A wide range of floor, desk and ceiling fixing options to provide total cable management of cables
• Internal segregation for power and data cables to comply with BS regulations
• Flexible umbilical in white, silver, black or clear polycarbonate

Combine PATHFINDER with QikTray cable tray for optimum cable management
For full details on how Pathfinder will work for you, please download the pdf brochure.

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OE Electrics Pathfinder Clear
OE Electrics


PATHFINDER offers a unique and innovative system for cable management wherever it's needed, keep your cables tidy and safely out of the way.

From $38.80
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Full Tension Kit

(4m wire+endstop, Gripper, 1 x Terminal Block)

OE Electric Pathfinder Ceiling Collar
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Ceiling Collar White

OE Electric Pathfinder Top Fix
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Top Mounting Grey

(Screw / 25mm Hole Fix)

OE Electric Pathfinder Bottom Fix
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Bottom Mounting Grey

(Screw / 25mm Hole Fix)

OE Electric Pathfinder Desk Flange
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Desk Flange White

(c./w Cross Bar))

OE Electric Pathfinder Weighted Base
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Weighted Base Silver

OE Electrics Pathfinder Zipper
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Zipper

OE Electrics Pathway Adaptor
OE Electrics

Pathfinder QikTRAY Adaptor

OE Electric Pathfinder Floor Grommet Adaptor
OE Electrics

Pathfinder Floor Grommet Adaptor

Dark Grey