OE Electrics

OE Electrics are experts in designing and manufacturing power and data distribution solutions. That’s why their products can now be found in call centres, cafes, hotels, hospitals, airport lounges, sports centres, shopping centres, service-counters, home offices, AV studios and many more – all over the world.

We have partnered with them to bring their products directly to you for purchase, and to facilitate the supply of any custom products we require designing and manufacturing.

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OE Electrics


Below Surface QI Compatible 10W Wireless Charger

Power range 15-30mm
No cutting install
Fast charge for Samsung (10W), Apple (7.5W)

$115.47 $142.27
OE Electrics

Cable-Snake CUBE

Cable-Snake® CUBE with its 2D flex system is the ideal vertical cable management solution for 'sit-stand' height adjustable desks and podium tables.

OE Electrics

Custom Product/s

OE Electrics Pablo Socket Unit in tabletop
OE Electrics


An in-surface shuttered TUF A&C Charger (5A) available with an anodised aluminium, gloss black, or stainless steel lid.

From $188.95
Ply Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PLY with its innovative use of birch plywood and laminate, takes the traditional desk top power module in an exciting new design direction.

From $184.75
POP Wieland
OE Electrics


POP is a compact, single socket, power module designed specifically for flush installation in a wide range of furniture and interior surfaces where a very small visual footprint is preferred.

From $61.58
OE Electrics

ARC-80 Wireless Charger

Advanced Resonant Charger - Wireless Charging

10W Fast Wireless Charger

Lose those annoying cables and get charging with ARC80.
Simply rest your wireless compatible device on our wireless charger for a fast convenient charge.
Apple & Samsung compatible.
Simple installation.

From $90.97
OE Electrics


With it’s frameless, ‘perfectly-flush’, design axxessPLUS represents the top-of-the range in OE Electrics through-desk units and will perfectly complement high end meeting room tables; housing a wide range of power, USB charging and data/AV socket options,

From $277.12
OE Electrics

black ICE

If black is your colour then you will love BlackICE. With matching design and build quality to our best selling PolarICE module, BlackICE offers the same power, data and AV connectivity options in a striking satin black finish.

From $148.36
OE Electrics

polar ICE

PolarICE rewrites the design rules for desk top power with clip-on moulded front and rear decorative frames and circular socket apertures, perfectly matched to contemporary office furniture.

From $135.76