Space saving and convenient solutions to provide power and USB charging within desks and meeting tables

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OE Electrics Pablo Socket Unit in tabletop
OE Electrics


An in-surface shuttered TUF A&C Charger (5A) available with an anodised aluminium, gloss black, or stainless steel lid.

From $191.34
OE Electrics


PAGODA is the stylish new solution for supplying user accessible AC power and USB charging connections to the conference table.

From $885.81
OE Electrics


PANDORA offers an exciting new way to provide power to your meeting area. Compact, elegant and efficient, Pandora allows 360 degree access to international power and powerful 5A USB charging outlets.

From $191.34
OE Electrics Peak Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PEAK with its eye-catching “floating surface” design, is an elegant new approach for providing power and charging in meeting tables.

From $313.22
OE Electrics


Less is definitely more with our minimalist PENDULUM power module. Providing a conveniently locatable power or USB charging socket, PENDULUM not only adds style but also a splash of colour to the workplace!

From $109.13
OE Electrics Silver Pip Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PIP has been designed to provide convenient power and USB ‘fast-charging’ in its purest and simplest form - a single mains AC or USB charging socket in a wide choice of decorative bezels, with style, colour and finish option to perfectly complement your interior design theme.

From $63.78
OE Electrics


PIVOT is an ultra-compact in-surface power, data and AV unit with press and full soft-eject mechanism.

From $170.08
OE Electrics

Pixel TUF A&C

Pixel TUF enables the time-short mobile worker to charge a laptop at the same time as charging their mobile phone and tablet! Perfect for hot desks, drop in areas, airports & hotels. Single AC socket with twin apertures for optional data and AV

From $162.99
OE Electrics


PLATINUM is a versatile in desk unit fitting flush to the worktop allowing full use of the workspace. Particularly suitable for meeting tables and other locations where space or uncluttered appearance is important.

From $184.25
OE Electrics UK 13A Podium Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PODIUM offers a sleek, low profile power solution for workstations, public and private areas where power outlets and USB charging are required. Made from extruded aluminium, with PC-ABS socket fascias and finished with a stainless steel faceplate, PODIUM has the look of elegance, and is made to last. PODIUM successfully mixes style and function resulting in a power solution that seems to levitate above the surface.

From $201.26