Events, Exhibitions & Experiences

With more charging points expected to be available around Exhibitions and Live Events you will want those areas to look smart as well as providing a range of power sockets for your International delegates and visitors; as well as USB charging. With a fabulous range of colours and styles available to suit the design of the Exhibition Stands, Break-out Areas, Press Desks and Work Spaces – whether the charging points needs to be desk mounted, free standing or low level, we have great options that can be incorporated into the design process.

Ideal for press desks in media centres, PULSE 'floats' above the desk releasing the desktop and takes its design influence from modern life - clean, simple lines with no- nonsense understated function and uncompromising style, providing power and / or USB charging. Available in a great range of colours and custom options available. Pulse can be configured with a range of international sockets to cater for worldwide members of the press.

PLUTO is a smart dome shaped desktop unit with 3 outlets for a combination of power sockets and/or USB charging. Configured to your specification and available in a range of colours or even a custom design to suit the space. Pluto looks great in break out areas and lounges and provides convenient power and USB charging for delegates and visitors.

POWERBOX  is the workhorse power solution: tough and versatile the compact and strong extruded aluminium body can be configured with the full range of modular power and data/AV sockets and circuit protection devices. Used to discreetly power underneath ‘welcome desks’, accreditation areas, around exhibition stands and generally behind the scenes – providing power sockets (international options available), USB charging and data. Robust and versatile for exhibitors and production areas.