Our range of power socket outlets that sit on or above your desk or workstation, meeting table or any surface, using a custom bracket where required

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Ply Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PLY with its innovative use of birch plywood and laminate, takes the traditional desk top power module in an exciting new design direction.

From $185.62
OE Electrics

black ICE

If black is your colour then you will love BlackICE. With matching design and build quality to our best selling PolarICE module, BlackICE offers the same power, data and AV connectivity options in a striking satin black finish.

From $149.06
OE Electrics

polar ICE

PolarICE rewrites the design rules for desk top power with clip-on moulded front and rear decorative frames and circular socket apertures, perfectly matched to contemporary office furniture.

From $136.40
OE Electrics Silver-Black Panda Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PANDA is a compact and distinctive design with various options for configuration for power and USB charging and fixings; along with decorative socket frames and end caps.

From $144.84
OE Electrics Orange-White  Panda Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PANDA-8 brings even more colour and style to the original Panda compact unit, equally offering a choice of power socket and USB charging; space saving with various fixing options and available in a choice of 8 colours - go bright with PANDA-8!

You can also specify PANDA with a natural anodised extruded aluminium front plate, with black sockets and end caps. 

From $205.31
OE Electrics


The PEARL desk top power and data unit with its white body, end caps and socket fascias, perfectly complements the contemporary all white office desk.

From $74.53
OE Electrics White Phase Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PHASE is an exciting new concept in power modules that is ideal for providing convenient but discreet power and data in offices, hotels, restaurants, airports and many other locations.

From $112.50
OE Electrics White-Grey Pluto Socket Unit
OE Electrics


The ever popular PLUTO power unit is a smart desktop solution providing 3 outlets for power and USB charging, perfect for shared workstations, meeting areas and coffee tables. No more hiding 4 way blocks, you will want your power supply on show! Available in black or white, satin or gloss. Also available as PLUTO-8 in the OE 8 colours.

From $135.00
OE Electrics Orange Pluto Socket Unit
OE Electrics


PLUTO-8 is a smart desktop unit with 3 outlets for a combination of power sockets and/or USB charging. Configured to your specification and available in a range of colours or a custom design to suit your space. Also available as black or white here

From $149.06
OE Electrics


POCO has been designed to offer full power data and AV connectivity in an ultra slim but robust enclosure and at a competitive price point.

From $70.31